Product Range
Partially Oriented Yarn (POY)

JBF is the third largest Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) producer in India and is recognized for its quality, commitment and service.

JBF is offering both Black Dope Dyed POY and Raw White POY in the denier range starting from 50 Denier to 500 Denier. The product can be made in various numbers of filaments ranging from 14 to 144.

JBF's POY has gained wide acceptability among the Texturisers both in India as well as Globally because of the following

  • POY can be texturised on high speed machines at 1000 Meters per minute and above
  • All POY spools are with tail transfer increasing the efficiency and productivity
  • All POY is intermingled making it capable to run on high speed machines without any breakages.

Quality: Apart from this, entire POY production is backed with the ISO 9001 systems of quality management thus ensuring enduring quality and complete customer satisfaction.

Packing: The POY package size is 15 Kg to 16 Kg, packed in Pallets / Carton as per the customer's requirement.